Quick-Disconnect Valve


Design By Analysis was tasked with performing flow analysis on a quick disconnect multi-component valve used in refueling the International Space Station.  Gaseous nitrogen and oxygen flows were simulated in both directions using a half-symmetry CFD model.   Inlet and outlet lengths were extended in the model to minimize boundary condition effects on the predictions.  DBA aided in the customer’s primary goal of pressure drop estimation and examination of flow field to help reduce any pressure loss across the valve by identifying potential geometry modification locations.

In addition, this customer required  structural analysis of the valve. Various configurations were considered (open-mated, female-capped, male-capped)  for combined pressure, thermal, shock, random vibration ,  transportation  and handling loading, and fatigue and fracture specifications.   Geometry not meeting MoS, fatigue, or fracture requirements were identified, modified, and re-analyzed until specifications were met.