As an organization of dedicated professionals, Design By Analysis strives to achieve worldwide recognition as a leader for providing advanced technology solutions to the aerospace industry using state-of-the-art tools in mechanical design and analysis while maintaining a positive and ethical working environment.

Since 1995 DBA has provided customized design and analysis for highly engineered, precision mechanical systems, subsystems and components. Our team of seasoned engineering professionals holds over 30 patents. DBA’s design staff brings over 200 cumulative years of senior-level design engineering experience in major corporations.

DBA’s analytical team has distinguished itself in the areas of structural analysis, vibration, thermal/heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Each of DBA’s analysts has over twenty years of experience performing finite element analysis.

DBA’s analysis efforts have solved problems for products already in use, enabled modifications to be made to existing products and provided the technical foundation for totally new concepts.

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