working with clients

The way Design By Analysis, Inc. (DBA) works with customers has evolved over the past fifteen plus years. The following four services encompass the various ways we work with customers.


DBA can work on a complete project – soup to nuts. That means we can start with a concept, take it through design and analysis to validate it, take it to prototype, design tooling, test and qualify it to customer specifications. We can also take just a portion of the project, whether it be to develop a concept, complete the design, validate by doing analysis, build a prototype and/or tooling, or test and qualify. DBA can handle any phase of the project.

DBA staff primarily work out of our engineering office in Middlebury, CT, but can also work on-site at our customers location to meet their specific project needs. We have worked on site for customers located here in CT as well as in MA, NY, VT, IL, PA and CA, as well as overseas in Germany.

Consulting and Equity

For select start- up companies, or companies who have received venture capital funding, DBA may offer an equity option. This is a way for owners and founders to stretch their early stage funding. DBA’s expertise in analysis, bench testing, use of scale models, and the essential science behind an innovation, can be an invaluable asset to entrepreneurs and investors.

New Products

DBA has gained a great deal of insight into how to proceed to develop new products. This has come as a result of working with companies on a consulting basis as they bring new products to market with the help of DBA on an outsourced engineering basis, as well as from working with start ups with new products. DBA has  expertise in funding from internal research and development grants, to angel funding, to venture capital funding to government BAA and SBIR/STTR Phase 1, 2 and 3 funding. DBA will also work with the founders to help to secure equity funding for research and development of the new product as well as drafting appropriate provisional patent applications to the United States Patent Office.

Proposal Assistance

DBA’s 3-Step Proposal Process  can be your “No-Quote” solution when your resources are busy on other projects.

1.)  The RFQ or specification is studied and relevant data pertaining to the stated requirements is collected.

2.)  DBA engineers work with the customer to develop and model a concept and analyze it for feasibility. Key components which will impact schedule and cost are  identified. With  this knowledge, DBA works with the customer to generate a comprehensive estimation of the required effort and budget to complete the proposed  project.

 3.) The results are summarized in a complete quote package, ready for submittal.