Advanced Main Fuel Pump


For Pierburg Luftfahrtegrate Union

DBA’s expert staff collaborated with PLU’s technical staff to provide the concept, detailed design, analysis and prototype hardware to prove out an innovative, patented idea for an Advanced Main Fuel Pump (AMFP) for a BMW-Rolls Royce 715 aircraft engine. At the conclusion of this year long effort, DBA provided detail documentation and know how in the form of software design tools and PLU staff training to fulfill the technology transfer requirements of the PLU DBA contract. The technology transfer was required as this research and development work was partially funded by the German government. PLU had conducted an extensive search to find a qualified partner to assist them with this state-of-the-art program. After interviewing several firms, PLU selected DBA. PLU chose DBA over other competitors because of DBA’s expert aircraft engine fuel system and turbomachinery experience, together with DBA’s ability to be innovative, take on an aggressive development schedule and logistics imposed by the German government. The result was together, DBA and PLU, demonstrated through bench testing a completely new product that reduced fuel temperature rise by 30%.