Automobile Tank Fuel Pumps


For TI Automotive Group

TI and its predecessor company, Walbro Automotive Group enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with DBA over a ten year period. The DBA team acted to support the TI in-house design staff by performing structural analysis of plastic injection molded automobile tank fuel pumps. The last step in the certification process of these products was field testing to ensure compliance to the federal highway administration crash testing standards as determined by independent insurance industry testing labs. In cases of failure during these final tests, DBA was on call 365 days a year to perform structural analysis around the clock to minimize impact to product certification schedules that were tied to car production schedules. DBA developed a structural analysis methodology to quickly trouble shoot the area effected and to identify a new design that minimized changes to existing production tooling. The DBA team interfaced with the TI engineering and management team as well as directly with the auto company representatives who had final approval and acceptance of all design changes recommended by DBA and supported by DBA’s analysis