NP2000 Backup Overspeed Governor and Linkage


For Hamilton Standard

The NP2000 program was the first large, critical, core engineering project that Hamilton Standard (HSD) Propeller’s group ever outsourced. This system was required as part of an upgraded electronic propeller control system for the E2/C2 Navy Reconnaissance aircraft (AWACS). The contract awarded to DBA included the detail design, analysis and documentation of the NP2000 Propeller Backup Control and Overspeed Governor and Linkage. A final decision to award this project was only made after several months of up front system analysis work by the DBA staff to show that the system as defined could meet the Navy’s specifications. The DBA staff also established a detailed Statement of Work with milestones that was awarded to DBA upon completion of a competitive bid process.

Numerous technical challenges were overcome during the project, including the design of a triple matched diameter spool valve, tight packaging and weight requirements, stringent speed and accuracy of response requirements, all of which exceeded prior designs of similar type of equipment. In addition, HSD was on an accelerated schedule to deliver test hardware that necessitated the release of preliminary drawings to allow for the purchase of critical, long lead components and raw material for fabrication. Solid models were also required to be delivered to support the creation of electronic mockups of the DBA sub-system in advance for concurrent checkout of the complete propeller system for Navy approval prior to release of funds for manufacturing.

During the first flight testing of the new, electronic control propeller , HSD was pleased to report to DBA that the hydraulic backup system designed by DBA performed flawlessly while the electronic system went into an unscheduled failure mode shutdown. It was a fitting commendation for the DBA team to be recognized as they presented their work on behalf of HSD directly to the Navy at PDR and CDR and got to know the Navy personnel responsible for this new upgrade system.