Shipping Container


For Cymer, Inc.

DBA was referred to Cymer by one of DBA’s past customers who were happy with a shipping container that was designed for them by DBA. This is the ultimate confirmation for DBA that its commitment to customer satisfaction is paying off. Cymer needed to be absolutely sure that their current piece of equipment could be shipped to their customer without incurring the least bit of damage. This was because the Cymer equipment was the pacing item for their customer who had waited two years for Cymer to complete the fabrication of their equipment. If this equipment were to be damaged during shipping it would be a huge setback to not only Cymer and their customer, but to the industry leading customer who was the end user of this equipment. The reputation of these companies was literally at stake if something were to go wrong during transport of this delicate piece of equipment that contained a very sensitive laser, along with components that were made of thin mirrors and glass containing gas under pressure. In addition, Cymer had never shipped a product as large and as heavy as this and with such little resistance to shock and vibration.

DBA’s technical team proved up to the task. DBA provided the detailed design of the shipping container, backed by structural analysis, including modeling of random vibration and shock loads that would be experienced during shipment by commercial truck and air transportation. The result was that the equipment arrived safely at its destination, not only once, but several times without incurring any damage, which was a great relief to all involved.